Is Eminem Rawcus?

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Is Eminem the rapper Rawcus?

Who is rawcus

8 Reasons We Believe Eminem Is The Masked Rapper Rawcus

Let’s all pretend like Eminem isn’t well known for dressing up in a costume.

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To us this one feels like it may be true. Who could possibly be better to make a song called White People Crazy than Eminem himself? 


So let’s get to it! Is Eminem aka Marshall Mathers aka Slim Shady the rapper Rawcus?


1) Who else in the music industry would dress up and mock trap music other than one of the greatest of the lyrical market, Eminem? It just makes sense. 


2) He shouted himself out on the song “Eminem he crazy!” Why even do that? 

It doesn’t make sense why Rawcus would randomly mention Eminem?!


3) Who else would have the connections to release 1 song and have it get posted on TMZ, Huffington Post, Buzz Feed, MSNBC in 4 days? You think a guy off of the street made that happen? There is no way! 

Only someone at Eminem’s level could possibly get this making this much noise this fast.


4) His beat to White People Crazy is a direct jack of an Eminem beat from old Eminem! 

I know you hear what I’m hearing!


5) He disses his known enemy Lil Wayne in Ain’t Ratchet Enough 

“If your bitch can’t beat up Lil Wayne your bitch aint ratchet enough” Sounds like something Eminem or Slim Shady would say, doesn’t it?


6) He has always been able to say whatever he wants and get away with it.

Eminem’s entire career is built on controversy and pissing people off. Seems this time his publicist said, wait, no, maybe we shouldn’t reveal. This went a little further than we expected it too. I mean, the white house getting involved? What!?

Maybe Obama wasn’t so happy when he heard his name said.

7) Look at his demeanor and stance, almost identical to Eminem. 


Rawcus Channel Icon 2rapper rawcus identity

8) How about these Eminem lyrics that are bit TOO relative to this situation. 

“The first thing i’ll put on is the mask
Speaking of masks, man
It aint to late to have a change of pace
And take it off and show my face
So you can see the things you face”


And there you have it, right in your face that the rapper Rawcus is actually Eminem! Marshall, you’re a freakin genius! Finally the Rawcus identity has been revealed as he was unmasked here right in front of your face.

Is Eminem The Rapper Rawcus? You be the judge for yourself. Ask a friend about it, discuss the comparisons, see what they all think.