Is Kanye West The Rapper Rawcus?

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10 Things That Prove Kanye West is the rapper Rawcuskanye west is rawcus

Our team here keeps looking at the facts and asking this crazy white people question, “Is Kanye West The Rapper Rawcus?” Well, we think so. Let’s go over the reasons we believe Kanye West is the Atlanta Native Rapper Rawcus.


1)  Who else would have the connections to release 1 song and have it get posted on, TMZ, Huffington Post, Buzz Feed, MSNBC in 4 days? You think a guy off of the street made that happen? There is no way! called it “Record Of The Year”…. Why would a African American website name it record of the year unless they had someone on the inside say it? The list gets crazier, keep reading.

Ebony Dot Com rawcus rapper post up

2) It’s not like it’s the first time he has dressed up in a costume. 

kanye west dressed up as rapper

3) 1 Week after White People Crazy exploded this is the clothing collaboration Kanye dropped with the HUGE french brand A.P.C. Notice any resemblances? 

1 Week after white people crazy exploded this is the clothing collaboration kanye drops with french brand APCKanye West Rawcus Line

The line itself may have been using the Rawcus – White People Crazy video as a launch pad for his major clothing line collaboration. This was his second try with A.P.C. and had everyone on the planet watching his every move to judge his fashion sense. Using Rawcus could have been a tool in that, that they decided to not go through with last minute.


4) Why does Rawcus say in the White People Crazy song “Kanye West Clothes They Crazy?”

Maybe Implying they are Crazy enough to be ‘White’ clothes? Maybe pointing out how he can culturally make ‘White’ fashion and wear it just as good as anyone else in the fashion industry. Now refer back to the last point where he released his clothing collaboration with a major French brand just 1 week later. Is this blowing your mind yet?

Sounds like they just backed out on the idea because it was blowing up so fast it was getting a bit TOO racy, literally.


5) Remember images looking like this from the Jay Z and Kanye West ‘Watch The Throne’ album?

Watch the throne kanye west artwork

6)  Let’s delve just a bit deeper. In Kanye’s interview with with Steve McQueen just 2 weeks after white people crazy released Kanye West said this

“You put new ideas into the world, whether that first idea is extremely successful or an early adopter goes on to make it successful, or it’s that third rendition that finally works. As a celebrity, I have an opportunity to make a living at being the spokesperson for the third or fourth rendition of a thought-promoting something that has already been proven.”

Then moments later in the interview Kanye West says this

“Yeah. I mean, there have definitely been moments where I’ve forgotten that I was black—and I don’t want people to take that as, “Oh, he sold out.” I mean, like, when I decided to wear tight jeans. At that moment, I forgot that I was supposed to wear baggy jeans because I’m black. Or when I’ve said certain things on TV and I’ve forgotten that I wasn’t supposed to say them because I’m black—that I was supposed to stay in line and be neutral.”


7) It was also said by Rawcus himself that the first version of White People Crazy was supposed to come out in late June 2013. Wait….. Isn’t that when Yeezus came out?


8) Let’s not forget about when he said George Bush doesn’t care about black people. We are only surprised he didn’t mention George Bush in the song. Oh but wait, that may have been too much of a clue. But he did mention how Obama is only HALF BLACK. Now is he says he is running for president….. Hmmmmm. 


9) Pictures of both of them and show how their height is the same as well as their weight and demeanor

You can see his body shape is the same as rawcusRawcus Rapper picture

Rawcus stands just how Kanye West would stand.


10) Kanye not only made fun of white people in this, but with the trap flow, he completely mocks all of the trap rappers and sub par music compared to his abilities. 

He carelessly flows showing how easy it is to do trap music. Sounds like something only Kanye West would do.

11) In his song ‘Blessings’ that came out not long after SnapChat Me Dem Titties Kanye Said 

So I Snapchat that whole shit
Tryna see titties, tryna show dick

Same line from Rawcus – SnapChat Me Dem Titties song. Hmmmmm *Puts hand on chin and rubs* hmmmmm.



Final Thoughts

To me it looks like it was a publicity stunt that they put into motion that worked. Then after seeing the White House get involved they pulled back with full force, fearing the repercussion of it seeming TOO racist.

It looks like it got out of their hands and the publicist couldn’t control it anymore.

I forgot to mention how he also points out Tyler The Creator for some ‘odd’ reason, completely out of the blue. Maybe to give him more buzz. Let’s remember Kanye West was the original reason Tyler ever even blew up in the first place.

And there you have it, right in your face that the rapper Rawcus is actually Kanye West! Yeezy, you’re a genius! Finally the Rawcus identity has been revealed as he was unmasked here right in front of your eyes.

Is Kanye West The Rapper Rawcus? You be the judge for yourself. Ask a friend about the comparisons, see what think. Talk about it, and see what others think.