Is Rawcus Rob Dyrdek?

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Top 5 Ways we Know Rob Dyrdek Is The Rapper Rawcus

Is Rawcus Rob Dyrdek? You be the judge!

1) Out of the millions of tweets Rob Dyrdek gets a day, he has only Favorited 26 tweets. One of them is this one from Rawcus standing outside of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. What the…..  

Rob Dyrdek Favorited Rawcus Tweet who is the rapper rawcus?

2) The entire Rawcus White People Crazy music video was basically just an episode of Ridiculousness. 

Rob Dyrdek was basically throwing it right into our faces that he is Rawcus. It’s basically Rob Dyrdek jumping around as Rawcus in a mask during an episode of Ridiculousness.


3) Someone called in during the episode of TMZ when Rawcus was on there and told the cast of TMZ that it was Rob Dyrdek for sure. 

Sounds like a publicist putting in work behind the scenes to get that idea out there to millions of people during live TV right before Rawcus goes on the air. Wow! How can it not be Rob Dyrdek?!


4) He even mentioned himself in the song! “Rob Dyrdek He Crazy!” 

Oh my gosh, come on, you can’t get any more obvious than that!


5) It looks like this may have been a ploy to launch the new season of Ridiculousness but they decided to back out on it because it may have seemed just a bit too racy, literally! 


And there you have it, right in your face that the rapper Rawcus is actually Rob Dyrdek! Rob, you’re a genius! Finally the Rawcus identity has been revealed as he was unmasked here right in front of your eyes. Is Rob Dyrdek the Rapper Rawcus? You be the judge for yourself. Ask a friend about the comparisons, see what think. Talk about it, and see what others think.