Is Tyler The Creator The Rapper Rawcus?

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Top 5 Reasons We Know Tyler The Creator Is The Rapper Rawcus


If you are asking “Is Tyler The Creator The Rapper Rawcus” than this is the place you need to be. We have the proof! 


1) For one, he is clearly crazy enough to do it. But how about we simply mention the fact that he mentions himself in the Rawcus White People Crazy song. “Tyler the creator he crazy.” 

Why would “Rawcus” randonly call Tyler The Creator out? That makes absolutely no sense. Calling out Nick Cannon makes sense since Nick Cannon is extremely an white acting African American. But to say Tyler The Creator randomly? Why? Out of all the names he could have chosen.


2) He chose the most awkward picture of himself and more importantly, something most people over looked, he put the cockroach on his face in the video right before the clip changed. Who else would even consider doing that? How ‘Odd’.

Tyler the creator’s music video ‘Yonkers’ went viral when it was tweeted by Kanye West. All because he ate that cock roach in the end of the video.

Tyler often talks about the cockroach in his music. He often discusses it and jokes about it because that is one of the biggest determining factors that lead to him blowing up.


3) Of course he would have no problem dressing up as a black guy doing trap music screaming ‘White People Crazy’ as Rawcus. He dresses up like a white guy in his song Buffalo?!?! Something is fishy here! 

who is rawcus Tyler the creator is Rawus


4) He plays many characters in his TV show with the other Odd Future members. Why not dress up like another character and release a song like White People Crazy? 


5) Only someone at his level would have the connections to make a song blow up that fast. These are all the sites he is often posted on. 


6) Tyler The Creator often causes a Raucous. Anywhere he goes, he is super outlandish and crazy. The name Rawcus is a play on words for Raucous? It just makes sense! 




And there you have it, right in your face that the rapper Rawcus is actually Tyler The Creator! Tyler, you’re a genius! Finally the Rawcus identity has been revealed as he was unmasked here right in front of your eyes.

Is Tyler The Creator The Rapper Rawcus? You be the judge for yourself. Ask a friend about the comparisons and other Odd Future, OFWGKTA, Golf Wang, comparisons, see what think. Talk about it, and see what others think. Is Tyler The Creator The Rapper Rawcus? We think Yes.