Who is Rawcus Under The Mask?

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Who is Rawcus? The Rapper under the mask

Do you want to know the answer to anyone of these questions? 

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It’s been said he is many people from Kanye West, Tyler the Creator, Eminem, Rob Dyrdek and more. It seems no matter how we look at any of the people we think it is, they can very possibly be Rawcus!

When he is unmasked who do you think Rawcus will be? So far we believe that Rawcus is most likely Kanye West.

Who else would have the connections to release 1 song and have it get posted on TMZ, Huffington Post, Buzz Feed, MSNBC in 4 days? You think a guy off of the street made that happen? There is no way!

It must have been someone already in the inner circle of the music industry. Songs don’t just blow up overnight like that with out plenty of preparation.


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If Rawcus isn’t one of these people than who the hell is he? Must be one smart guy with some serious connections. I’ll tell you that.